Logo Himtek

HIMTEK (Himpunan Mahasiswa Sistem Komputer) is the Associated Student of Computer Engineering Binus University. It is a student social organization for the students in Computer Engineering Department in Binus University. It didn’t take the students in Computer Engineering of Bina Nusantara University very long to realize the importance of an organization that represented the student voice. Shortly after the BINUS University opened its arms to the student in BINUS, Computer Engineering students in Binus University created a platform which would allow students to interface with university. On 29 May 1988, the Associated Students of Computer Engineering Department Binus University-HIMTEK (Himpunan Mahasiswa Sistem Komputer) was born-just 1 year after the Computer Engineering was founded in Binus University on 1987.

As an organization, HIMTEK feels a responsibility to foster and maintain traditions of recognition, social interaction, and solidarity in our department. HIMTEK exist to facilitate the process of acquiring and exchanging knowledge and understanding, to enhance the personal and intellectual development of its members, and to advance the interests of society.

HIMTEK vision statement :

1. Developing the field of student affairs and social scope of students majoring in Computer Engineering at BINUS university.

2. Realizing a stable and dynamic of Computer Engineering’s Student in Binus University.

3. Collect and forward the aspirations of students majoring in computer engineering.

4. Developing Soft skills and Hard skills for Computer Engineering’s Student.

5. Create unity and mobilize a strong sense of brotherhood within among the students in Computer Engineering Department.

There are many benefits to joining as an active member in HIMTEK , such as working part as a team, developing new skills and abilities, learning to set and achieve goals. HIMTEK is dedicated to the development and implementation of programs that enhance the non academic of all students in Computer Engineering Binus University. These programs are designed to acclimated students to the university environment, introduce them to important information, opportunities and resources, and help them develop lifelong skills to succeed in their academic and their carrier.